HerbalBioTech Holy Basil Leaf (Tulsi) 400 mg 60 Capsules Reduces Cortisol Stress


This ancient herb has its remedial roots in Ayurvedic medicine with the early Hindus treasuring it as a relaxant. A powerful antioxidant too, the holy basil leaf has long been worshipped for its unique ability to calm your body, soul and mind
To understand just what an impact this seemingly innocuous garden plant has had on ancient medicine we must go back centuries to its early roots in Southeast Asia and Ayurvedic practices.

A sacred plant known as Tulsi on the Asian subcontinent, the holy basil leaf is worshipped by many as an avatar of the god Lakshmi. Such is the religious importance of the flower that some groups will mix it with water and give it to the dying as a means to raise their spirits up to heaven. Unsurprisingly there are still some religious groups in India who would frown upon its use culinarily and even medicinally.

The plant itself enjoys an incredible abundance in the warm climate of India and can be seen growing just about everywhere. It is not only kept religiously, in large clusters in Hindu courtyards, but is often left outside people’s houses by way of a protective talisman.

As is so often the case, what we might have formerly considered to be rudimentary hoodoo actually has its roots in science. HerbalBioTech Holy Basil Leaf (Tulsi) has a range of curative qualities - some of which were first observed by those ancient traditions.

ancient Hindu believed that Tulsi was a relaxative, that it helped to calm both the body and the mind. They were, of course, not far from the truth.

In 2007 three new chemical compounds were discovered in Holy Basil Leaf and they were quickly incorporated into modern dietary supplements like HerbalBioTech Holy Basil Leaf (Tulsi). Studies showed that by these new compounds (along with several of the previously known ones) were of impressive calming and anti stress effects.

They worked by performing several roles in our bodies:

  • Reducing blood sugar
  • Reducing cortisol levels
  • Conserving energy production
  • Decreasing adrenal size

By working as an antioxidant, HerbalBioTech Holy Basil Leaf (Tulsi) can even cleanse the body too. Studies are showing that by enhancing the activity of liver detoxifying enzymes and inhibiting the oxidation of lipids and proteins this amazing plant extract can cleanse you internally as your stress levels continue to drop. HerbalBioTech Holy Basil Leaf (Tulsi) has all the healing powers of this mythical plant in one handy capsule, easy to take, even easier to understand why.


Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules two times per day with water. 

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